Hey, my name is Charlene Pedrolie. I appreciate the outside, blue skies, flying creatures tweeting all around and the sea breeze. I figure you could state that I cherish nature and everything including nature. I cherish the mid year months and abhorrence the winter months on account of how frosty it can get outside.


I get a kick out of the chance to compose for the sake of entertainment and take pictures. I got exceptionally fortunate doing what I do in light of the fact that I transformed my side interest into my calling. I want to take pictures so I chose to be a photographic artist. Nothing energizes me more than taking imaginative pictures of untamed life in the compelling force of nature. I like taking pictures of pretty much anything that gets my attention since I can see so much little subtle elements in many items.


Nature captivates me more than anything and particularly creatures living in rustic zones. This is the reason I jump at the chance to go to the Zoo to see extraordinary creatures that I don't typically get the opportunity to see here in the United States. My most loved shading is green since I cherish grasshoppers.


Since I adore taking pictures, I built up an expertise with photoshop and making significantly more detail in the majority of my photograph stills. It is astounding what everything you can do nowadays with regards to altering photographs. All things considered, I trust you adapted a considerable amount more about me and please look at my different profiles to take in more! Much appreciated!


 If you want to pronounce my name correctly it goes like this Charlene (Shar-Lean) Pedrolie (Pedge-Roley). So there it is. Thanks for visiting my site and I will update it very soon to include more details. Thanks!